5 Levels of UV Tanning

Each level provides a specific function in the tanning process, so no matter what skin type you have, we have the right equipment for your tanning needs.

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Level 1 –  Montego Bay Cobra FX

Everyone starts by getting a base tan in our level 1 tanning beds. These beds have 32 lamps, each lamp is 100 watts, the sessions are as long as 20 minutes. This bed is a great way to build your base tan. You can build a base with just 5-6 tanning sessions

Level 2 – Montego Bay SXF Cobra 

Our level 2 tanning beds are 32 lamps, each bulb is 120 watts with three 400 watt facial tanners. A great upgrade from the Level 1. With the facials and the added wattage you will be able to get darker much faster when combining levels 1 and 2. These sessions are up to 15 minutes in length.

Level 3 – UWE Lotus

The flat frosted acrylic delivers maximum color, the bulbs are 160 watts each as opposed to the 100 watt lamps in level 1 and 120 in level 2. This bed has 43 lamps with three 400 watt High pressure facial lamps.

Level 3 – The Montego Bay V-56

The Montego Bay V-56 standup gives you an excellent tan in 9 minutes, with 56 – 190 watt lamps throughout. Since this is a stand-up unit there are no contact points with the acrylic, so tan lines are eliminated.

Level 4 – UWE Silver Bullet

The UWE Silver Bullet bed offers the ultimate tanning experience, allowing you to tan only once a week to maintain your golden tan. With built-in air conditioners, shoulder tanners, and facial tanners, this bed will leave you with a bronze glow in only 12 minutes. This bed features 44- 160 watt reflector tanning lamps and 3 600 watt high pressure facials. and has water misting for your face and body. There are five fully adjustable interior climate controls with the built in air conditioning. Flat frosted acrylics deliver maximum color.


Level 5 – Sun Angel  

The Ergoline Sun Angel is one of our most popular Tanning Beds, it is the most advanced tanning machine ever introduced. It has a special sensor that takes a reading from your face and body in seconds that allows the bed to completely customize the tanning session for each customer. This eliminates the chance of burning. Even our fairest skin tanners will get tan for the first time in their lives without redness or burning. This bed has Fifty-two UV lamps and four Ultra Performance facial tanners with specialized UV-B lamps. It also features High-pressure shoulder tanners with Ultra Performance technology. The bed even has a climate control that maintains the preferred temperature throughout the tanning session.


Level 5 – KBL 7900 Alpha

With a max tan time of only 10 minutes long, this bed will tan you fast! It features 48 high intensity reflector body lamps that are 160 watts each, two pigment tubes, four 500 watt facial tanners. With two 250 watt shoulder tanners. With three different settings to choose from, this tanning bed will take you on a journey from a tanning room to Basic, Caribbean or Mediterranean in seconds. Enjoy the aroma therapy, and air conditioning while you relax in your own little piece of paradise, even if it’s only for a few minutes.


Level 5 – Matrix L28 High Pressure

28 high-pressure UV-A lamps, with 5 tanning units arranged radially around your body. The Matrix L28 uses new ER (Evolution Reflector) technology to achieve the best tanning effect in the shortest time. It delivers Unbelievable results with exclusive T.R.T. technology (Time Release Tanning). The Matrix has a powerful ventilation system and a stereo system with headphones. With its futuristic open design, and powerful tanning abilities, it’s the ultimate tanning experience.