Mobile Airbrushing & Tanning in Dallas


  • Signature Shade of Summer
    That flawless summer glow customized for each skin tone. $60
  • Signature Glow with Aloe
    Aloe Vera Based Solution $65
  • Complete Sun kissed Diva
    Extending Pre Treatment, full body tan, and post moisture $75
  • Forever Young Bronzed Goddess
    Innovative Vitamin Enriched anti-aging tanning solution $70
  • A Hippi Shade of Gold
    Completely Organic Solution $70
  • Ready, Set, Glow
    Rapid Developing Tan That develops in 3 hours $70
  • Add A Scent
    Choose between Sweet Pea, Hawaiian Breeze, or Tropical Citrus $5
  • PH Balancing Pre-Glow
    Exfoliates, Balances, and Cleanses for optimum DHA Results $7
  • JLO Glow Moisture
    Locks in tan for lasting results, moisturizes your skin, and adds a sheen $8
  • Body Bling
    Shimmer and sparkle for a night out $4
  • Double Dip
    An extra coat of color for the rich darkest tan $10


  • 5+ people and hostess
    Gets the complete “Sun kissed Diva” package $45 each
    Save money with a group package! It’s a great way to have fun with the girls. The more you have in your group, the more you save!
    Special rates for cheerleader groups
    Have the perfect, flawless tan on your special day. We have Wedding Packages not only for the bride, but the bridesmaids as well. The picture perfect glow. We are eager to accommodate birthday and bridal parties, corporate events and special occasions.



Make sure your skin is clean of any lotion, oils, or any other products that could create a barrier. (Be sure to remove foundation if you want to tan your face) For optimal results, you should shower, shave, and exfoliate your skin the day before you spray tan. After the spray tan, you must wear loose fitting clothes (dark clothing is better) and sandals for at least 2 hours, or your tan can develop unevenly. You need to wait for 8 hours before bathing, sweating or rubbing your skin to allow the tanning solution plenty of time to react with the proteins in your skin. Follow these steps:

Cleanse your skin with a non-oil based cleanser. Oil and moisturizers can prevent the activation of the sunless tanner and color may not fully develop.

Exfoliate Do not use an abrasive exfoliate, (like sugar or salt scrubs, or a loofah) it can create scratches on your skin. It is better to use exfoliates that dissolve and leave your skin smooth.

PH Balance If you have dry skin areas on your body, rub some aloe on those areas before spray tanning. This will make the spray tan absorption rate more even, preventing darker patches.

Remove any and all unwanted hair. You should shave, wax, or laser the day before you spray tan.


Choose between Sweet Pea, Hawaiian Breeze, or Tropical CitrusAFTERCARE You should wait at least 8 to 12 hours before you shower, swim, exercise, or sweat. This allows your spray tan plenty of time to fully activate, keeping your tan vibrant and even much longer. Always drink plenty of water. Proper hydration will help keep the skin cells on your body longer, and will add radiance to your healthy looking glow! Use a tan extender – By keeping your skin cells plumped up with moisture, you will keep the color on your body longer. Touch up areas that begin to fade, (face, hands, or feet). No need to do a full body application. Just use a recommended sunless product on those areas. *Before you are ready for your next spray tan, be sure to remove your previous application. You do not want to layer your spray tan over spray tan. Go back to Preparing to Tan, and repeat those steps. You are ready to start again!